The Performance is in the Polymer

Tyrocore™ is REVA’s proprietary polymer invented specifically for bioresorbable scaffolds.

Strong at Its Core

Tyrocore gets its strength from its molecular structure.

Twice as Strong and 10 Times More Ductile than PLLA

Properties of Tyrocore versus PLLA

Attribute Tyrocore PLLA1 Benefit
Ultimate Tensile Strength 100-110 MPa 50-70 MPa Thinner struts
Radial strength
Elongation at Break (Ductility) 120-200% 2-10% Single-step inflation
Larger expansion range
X-Ray Visible Yes No Accurate placement

A single Fantom Encore scaffold contains < 1% of the iodine found in 1 mL of contrast media

Tyrocore Radiopacity

Naturally Biocompatible

  • Tyrocore is derived from the naturally occurring tyrosine amino acid
  • Low inflammation, irritation, or calcification during degradation

  • Benign degradants are excreted through kidneys and lungs
  • Iodine remains safely bound to I2DAT
  • Radiolabel ADME study shows I2DAT is safely excreted

  • Low lactic acid to support full vessel recovery
  • 10 times lower lactic acid release with Tyrocore

Learn more about Tyrocore

EuroPCR 2018 Presentation
EuroPCR 2018 Presentation

Technical Summary
Technical Summary

Tyrocore Whitepaper
Tyrocore Whitepaper


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