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Fantom Encore is a third-generation bioresorbable scaffold (BRS) made with Tyrocore™, REVA’s new proprietary polymer. Fantom Encore offers advanced features including radiopacity, ease-of-use, and the thinnest struts of any commercially available CE Mark BRS. Fantom Encore is designed to simplify deployment, support the artery through the healing process, and then disappear (or “resorb”) from the body. This resorption is intended to improve long-term outcomes and future treatment options for patients.

World’s Thinnest Bioresorbable Scaffold

Thin struts and best-in-class radial strength promote vessel healing to maintain patency.

A New Era for BRS Deliverability

Fantom Encore is the only radiopaque BRS platform providing improved procedural accuracy and ease-of-use.

Lowest BRS crossing profile and higher expansion tolerance for improved ease-of-use during the implant procedure

Rapid Vessel Healing, Benign Resorption

Demonstrated with Fantom BRS

Rapid Vessel Healing - 3 Months

Rapid Vessel Healing - 9 Months

Rapid Vessel Healing - 24 Months

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