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REVA Medical is a leader in bioresorbable polymer technologies for vascular applications.
Our mission is to restore patient health for life through the application of biomaterials in the development and
sale of implantable medical devices.

Peripheral Vascular
Bioresorbable Scaffold


The MOTIV Bioresorbable Scaffold is designed specifically for use in treating below the knee (BTK) peripheral artery disease. MOTIV is made with Tyrocore™, REVA’s new proprietary polymer. MOTIV is the first bioresorbable scaffold to obtain CE Mark approval for the treatment of BTK disease and has also received FDA Breakthrough Technology Status in the US.

TyroSphere beads are bioresorbable embolic microspheres designed to treat Hypervascular tumors. TyroSphere beads are unique to the market in that they will offer both the advantage of safe degradation/resorption and radiopacity. Meaning that they will be visible under standard x-ray to aid in precise delivery to the targeted tumor.

Tyrocore is REVA’s proprietary polymer invented specifically for implantable bioresorbable medical devices.

Fantom Encore is a third-generation bioresorbable scaffold (BRS) made with Tyrocore™. Fantom Encore offers advanced features including radiopacity, ease-of-use, and the thinnest struts of any commercially available CE Mark BRS. Fantom Encore is designed to simplify deployment, support the artery through the healing process, and then disappear (or “resorb”) from the body. This resorption is intended to improve long-term outcomes and future treatment options for patients

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