TyrocoreTM is REVA’s proprietary iodinated desaminotyrosine polycarbonate based polymer designed specifically for vascular scaffolds.

  • Uniquely designed for vascular scaffolds
  • Derived from naturally occurring tyrosine amino acid
  • Covalently bound iodine for radiopacity
  • Proprietary, patent protected, and manufactured by REVA Medical

Tyrocore - StrongSTRONG

Polycarbonate backbone is an inherently strong molecular structure

Tyrocore - BiocompatibleBIOCOMPATIBLE

Derived from naturally occurring tyrosine amino acid

Tyrocore - FlexibleFLEXIBLE

Polycarbonate molecules are linked with propane diol for flexibility

Tyrocore - EadiopaqueRADIOPAQUE

Covalently bound iodine provides radiopacity

Tyrocore Degradation Aligns to Vessel Healing and Recovery with Benign Degradants

  • Scaffolding in place during critical vessel healing period
  • Restoration of natural vasomotion in one year
  • Complete resorption within ~4 years