Proprietary Technology

Our patent portfolio is extensive and we have made a significant investment to develop and maintain it. Currently, on a worldwide basis, we have approximately 300 patents and pending applications that we own directly or for which we are the licensee. We will continue to invest in our patent portfolio to protect the proprietary nature of our technologies and to create value for the Company and our shareholders as we move toward commercialization of our products. 

REVA's Bioresorbable Scaffold

Fantom® Bioresorbable Scaffold

Unique Bioresorbable Polymers

REVA scientists, working in collaboration with Rutgers University, have developed families of proprietary bioresorbable polymers that can be applied to a variety of medical applications. We are currently focused on applying our polymer technology to the development of drug-eluting bioresorbable scaffolds for the treatment of coronary artery disease. REVA's high performance polymers have the structural properties to achieve the scaffold strength required to treat challenging lesions that are restricting blood flow to the heart. In addition, REVA polymers are uniquely visible under standard angiography (i.e., x-ray), which allows the physician to check the placement and expansion of the scaffold in the artery during the implant procedure. Polymers used in non-REVA scaffolds are invisible, and physicians must rely on small permanent markers to determine where those scaffolds are positioned.

Our operating facility includes laboratories for polymer development and synthesis, which also enables us to manufacture commercial-grade polymers at the scale needed to support planned clinical trials and initial product commercialization.

REVA polymers have shown feasibility for use as embolic beads and have the potential for use as a drug-delivery vehicle for other pharmaceutical applications. REVA scientists have also created and patent protected non-biodegradable polymer variants for medical uses. These materials may be well-suited for a variety of product applications including spinal repair cement that closely matches the mechanical properties of bone.